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The site of the Wounded Knee massacre is being sold to the highest bidder.  See the 'Welcome' page for more information.  For a Native perspective, Click this link -


The town of White Clay Nebraska, on the border of Pine Ridge, has a very small population but sells 5,000,000 of cans of beer a year.  Read more in the BBC America Report on Pine Ridge. Click this link - 




Compassionate hearts, combined with skilled, gifted, artistic hands, teamed with willing spirits; that is Ken and Theresa Grut. People like them are a rare commodity but thankfully Ken and Theresa are obedient to the call of scripture – “I will show you my faith through my good deeds." They saw a great need and divinely inspired they seek to meet that need using their creative resources.


The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the needs of the Native American community may not loom large on many people’s radar but thankfully because of the love shown by people like the Grut’s, the son’s and daughters of the original founding fathers are not forgotten. Yes, the problems are monumental, the challenges gargantuan but help is at hand and hope hovers over the horizon.


It is our privilege to highly recommend the ministry of Flutes for Hope and founders Ken and Theresa Grut.


Pastors C. Neil and Joan Sayers.

Family Fullness Ministries.

I am so encouraged by Flutes for Hope!  Not only are the flutes wonderfully crafted, but they sound great also! What makes these flutes so special, though, is the Hope and Opportunity they are bringing to the youth on the Pine Ridge reservation.  I enjoying playing my Flute for Hope and am honored to have one in my collection of flutes.


Charles Robinson. The Red Road


To any who have meet Ken & Theresa Grut you know they have a heart to serve and be involved. As their pastor and friend it has been amazing to watch them step into a area of Ministry that 1 Corinthians 12 calls “helps” and see how a talent and desire has resulted in Helping Native Americans with the Flutes For Hope. Ken makes flutes, different styles and sizes and the proceeds from this ability have gone towards supplies and assistance with some of the Families on   Reservations as well as other ministries are originations that they have established a connection with that they work with as well.


It’s an honor to recommend to you this Family as they seek to be an encouragement and Help to Others Because their desire Bless, Help and serve in The Spirit of Christ, His Love and Generosity. Ken and Theresa have as Paul spoke in 1 Corinthians 16:9 (NKJV) have had “a great and effective door has opened to me".


I appreciate their willingness as they serve and Help others experience the Life and Love of Christ .


En Agape.  Lonnie Curl Jr – Lead Pastor

 Lambs Chapel Christian Center. Florence SC


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